4. Jul 23, 2017 · 5. Silver Shaded (in the UK known as Black Tipped) British Shorthair cats are described as the fairy cat of the British. From time to time we have kittens for sale, Cat breeder of the beautiful British Shorthair Silver & Golden Tipped & Silver Shaded Point 05/04/2018 At last Cellini delivered 5 Silver Tipped babies last night. Silver Tabby Silver Tabby with White, Cameo Tabby with White. com . Gender: female Colour: blue EMS-code: BRI a Date of birth: 23. Darwin was also imported from Russia. the breeder of british shorthair cats and british longhair cats of silver shaded, golden shaded, and chinchilla colors with blue and green eyes. All of our cats and kittens are registered in TICA (The International Cat Assossiation). Banderas Silver, BRI ns 11 (Чемпион WCF, открытый титул Наш монопородный питомник "House Arletta British" готов предложить Вам . ) - Duration: 9:40. . Heated accommodation. That’s one more reason why British cats are not hard to take care of. We are a small TICA-registered cattery - breeders of British Shorthair Black Silver shaded and Black Golden shaded cats with blue or green eyes. חתולים בריטי בישראל The Tabby pattern is actually masked in most solid coats, in the same fashion that epistatic white masks coat colours. com We now have another blue one that had some regressive genes popped up and she is british with long "persian" fur. Hello, I have wanted to add a British Shorthair cat to my family for quite some time now and would like to find a breeder that I can look to in the future. Are you looking for a quality British Shorthair kitten for sale? If yes, here is a list of all the British Shorthair Cat Breeders within the United States. Finding a quality British Shorthair Cat breeder near you can be a difficult task, that's why we've created our British Shorthair cat breeder database. For example, the British Shorthair Silver Tabby is a silver-white base colouring with clear tabby markings. Welcome to a wonderful world of British shorthair cats. Jan 8, 2017 - Explore britishshor0219's board "British shorthair cats silver", followed by 589 people on Pinterest. EstiBri PL - British Shorthair Cattery, Radom. Canadian Breeder of British Short Hair Blue, Lilac, Silver shaded, Chinchilla. Abyssinian - Bengal - Birman - British Shorthair - Burmese - Burmilla - Devon Rex - Exotic It has a short, dense but silky sparkling shaded or tipped silver coat. The exact price of British Shorthair depends on the breeder and several other factors. Silver spotted british shorthair kittens for sale Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Silver spotted british shorthair kittens for sale . Breeder's Statement: Our cattery dedicated to wonderful British Shorthair cats – our passion, love and life. Carries dilute and chocolate - also spotted and classic tabby patterns. I have packed in as much info as I can into my website not just to help you learn about the breed but also to help you make sure you pick the right one for you. Sep 18, 2019 - Explore catloversparadi's board "British Shorthair", followed by 138 people on Pinterest. American Shorthair Breeders specializing in breeding quality American Shorthair Classic Silver Tabby kittens from pedigreed championship bloodlines. Report. All of our cats and kittens are registered in TICA (The International   British chinchilla/shorthair kittens for sale, cats available. Find out more about the British Shorthair cat breed, with information on Chinchilla: this is a very interesting colour scheme, with one-eighth of the hair in one of By breeding the British Longhair or “Highlander” with Persian cats also led to a  MY Cats. Jun 28, 2019 · Pure Breed Royal British Shorthair kittens for sale, healthy, under veterinary supervision, no issues guaranteed, from European bloodlines, Exotic and rare - exotic royal kittens, different color available - White, Cream, Silver, Cameo, Smoke, Shaded. All of our cats  Chinchilla, perhaps, the first of the cat's colors, not just discovered, but consciously created and enshrined breeders. The British Shorthair has always been a favorite of mine since I was a child. About: British Shorthair Kittens for sale can be a family cattery supported breeding pretty and healthy felines where all people are operative arduous to provide you the foremost effective British shorthair kittens … Hobby Breeders & Exhibitors of British Shorthair and gold, silver and chinchilla Persians & Exotics. Behaviour. G. 2018 (2 years 3 months) Kitten class: Breeding Status: in wish list for  Laissez moi un temps d'observation et vous serez par la suite inondé de câlins et de ronrons ! Femelle British Shorthair black silver shaded; Née le 19/04/2019 (1  BLACK SILVER SHADED GALIBIER british shorthair BRI Cette catégorie de couleur doit avoir les yeux verts. Scottish Miribu Cattery, founded in 1967 by the late Margot Mellies, MD, has been breeding American Shorthair cats of the highest quality for over fifty years. Agility trained - Gentle- Calm-Friendly-Social-Confident- Showable- Outgoing-Famous in commercials - TV -print adds and on pet food products. The lilac silver tabby is an unusual and charming colouration. Nov 21, 2011 · Black Tipped (outside the UK known as Silver Shaded) British Shorthair cats are described as the fairy cat of the British. Full of British reserve, the British Shorthair cat has a quiet voice and is Full of British reserve, the British Shorthair cat has a quiet voice and is an undemanding companion. Family friends had recently brought home a British Blue Shorthair (BSH) cat. Welcome to Hearty British Shorthair kittens, home of British shorthair kittens for Sale. British Shorthair's are an easygoing breed of cats. Exotic Shorthair Kittens. We sell only he 7/25/2016: silvercharmbrits Alburtis, PA 18011: British Shorthair We breed plush British Shorthair in the rare silver shaded and chinchilla colors. Gold, Silver shaded British Shorthair cats are like Teddy bears who have an extremely patient and affectionate nature! They're like a magnet - so difficult to resist petting their soft and plush coat! Silver Shaded girls, sisters, we retained the whole litter to choose either girls or the brother for future stud duties. Our specialization is silver classic tabby colors, black or chocolate. However, please remember to thoroughly check and screen each breeder you choose to work with no matter where you find them at. My name is Natalia and I am the owner is Paradise Fold Cattery. The British is an easy cat to care for and makes a wonderful, quiet companion. There are also tabbies with or without silver. The kittens are under 24/7 supervision, their parents live strictly indoors only, thankfully our boy has never sprayed. American Shorthair Kittens for sale from Milla's Kats Cattery. The Golden Shaded British Shorthair An additional development is the arrival of the Golden British Shorthair and, even more recently, the Copper British Shorthair cat. 17230 Palamós (Girona), España - Espagne - Spain; Sundust Cats British short- and longhairs, silver, chinchilla, golden, blue-golden and British silver shaded cat , British golden shaded cat and kitten . SilverCharm - British Shorthairs, pennsylvania, cats, kittens, breeder, allentown, lehigh valley, lilac, chocolate. Varieties Breeder of British Shorthair cats in Kent Silver tabbies, silver spotted, red self, cream and bicoloursBritish Shorthair Cats: The British Shorthair, an ancient breed originating from the Egyptian cats, is characterized by its sturdy body, dense coat and broad face. If you have done your research on the breed and wish to provide a loving forever home for one of our kitten, you are welcome to contact us to request a questionnaire in order to be placed on our waiting list. 596 likes · 2 talking about this. CinderBelle Cattery. British Shorthair kittens for sale in shaded silver and shaded gold color. History: The British Shorthair, while originally coming from the farms and streets of Britain, is also considered to be the first cat of the cat fancy. Puss in Boots from the Shrek franchise is described as and closely resembles a British Shorthair, although he speaks with a strong Spanish accent. Best British Longhair Alter Of The Year EXCALIBUR We are small, house based, British Shorthair Cattery located in Denver, COLORADO, USA. The shaded silver is one of the oldest ASH colors. As your dedicated nationwide pet breeder, we are committed to breeding lovely kittens that resemble our original British shorthair cat, Winston, who inspired us to produce similar cats for others to enjoy. They love to be involved in family life and quickly find the most comfortable lap on which to fall asleep. silver shaded British Shorthair. A silver tabby British Shorthair is the mascot of Whiskas brand cat food. are Champions from England and Richard has pure English blood lines. 2016 (4 years 4 months) Kitten class: Breeding Weight: 3 kg from 28. British Glory Cattery. All of our cats are of the Best European Champion bloodlines. We breed British Shorthairs cats and kittens from 2001. Small hobby home cattery dedicated to British Shorthair cats. Every day we enjoy life with our cats. Check the listings on Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet. British Shorthairs are not as prevalent in the United States as they are in Britain. Most of our kittens have blue, aqua and green eyes. We breed for top quality British Shorthair cats and kittens. Public Figure · Pet Breeder. FeliLand is a breeder of British Shorthair kittens in Melbourne, FL. While not overly affectionate, the British Shorthair tends to get along just fine with everyone. Belle Ayr Cattery - Stunning Silver Shaded British Shorthair from exceptional show lineage and exceptional quality. They tend to be more independent than many breeds and usually adapt well to most situations. Shaded Silver. Small breeder of British Shorthair. British Shorthair big teddy bear of a cat is very loving and will bring lots of joy to you. Our cattery registered with TICA Cat Fanciers Association. White All patterns & Colors. Alken, Belgium; British Costa Brava Pequeño criadero de British Shorthair. our cattery is located in washington state, usa the breeder of british shorthair cats and british longhair cats of silver shaded, golden shaded, and chinchilla British shorthair is one of the most popular cat’s breed over the world. Helping you buying you cats is a priority for us. Description: Welcome to a wonderful world of British shorthair cats. EstiBri*PL - British Cats Cattery - Silver & Golden shaded, Cameo & Colourpoint www. The texture of the coat is relatively hard, as it is meant for protection. Persian Kittens for Sale - Himalayan Kittens for Sale - Teacup Persians for Sale. The "father" of this breed is Harrison Wier, who is thought of as the first professional cat breeder. Email: Schoenweg Cattery Website: Visit Schoenweg British Shorthair Website Red Shaded Silver Tiffanie sire: GRCH Vervain Ered Luin (72 43a) dam: Kevona Bella Donna (68 42eq) Big friendly boy with lovely coat. we offer kittens for sale and adoption. Church Stretton, Shropshire. British Shorthair - Femelle Black Silver Shaded - #cat #chat #britishshorthair #animal #arthoria #bordeaux #cute #cuteness #love #arthorialovers #british #britishcat #britisharthoria #catlovers #eyes #silver #britishlovers #beautiful #cattery #chatterie #breeder #breeding #elevage The British is an easy cat to care for and makes a wonderful, quiet companion. Most of our BSH cats have cream white fur or shaded with silver color We are sure that you will have no regret to adopt our sweetest kittens. However, getting pure feline breed is hard since most of the breeders are incompetent in the business. varieties of silver, golden, cameo and point shaded cats. Daviway Cattery Daviway located in Belarus. Pickapaw is a community for the responsible dog breeders and cat breeders. However, they don’t fancy being handled, so if this is a cat that is going to be around children, it’s best to show children how to pet the British Shorthair instead of picking him up. 2020 Status: in wish list for raluca_ionescu, Maddox, ph_fed, rizwan, NSMA, but you also can send the request Fort Lauderdale, Florida » British Shorthair $1,000: Benjamin in a black silver shaded color purebred British kitten Gender: male Date of B I am a very small breeder of British Shorthair cats located in the Atlanta, GA area. our cattery is located in washington state, usa British Shorthair silver and golden shaded cats are absolutely stunning cats which impress with their beauty, elegance and luxurious look. Should you decide to go to a breeder, please do your research. £350 . British Shorthair Fancier 3 days ago in Fallbrook, CA Tea Cup British Shorthair Kitten MALE. Member, CFA American Shorthair Breed Council. Over time other color variations have also emerged: silver, red, cream, black and white, bi-color. Chatterie EmpireofGlamour - Canadian Breeder of British Shorthair Cats Blue & Cream | CCA & AFQ, TICA registred | Grands Champions lines & World lines | Located in Châteauguay, Québec, Canada | Kittens Available. Like: Follow: Hello silver shaded British Shorthair available My name is Reldia, I'm your new co-founder here. The typical color of British Shorthair cats is blue. A good breeder won’t try to sell you or let NO KITTENS UNTIL 2021 AT BEST Registered breeder of British Shorthair Cats. The British Shorthair is the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat, with a distinctively stocky body, dense coat, and broad face. British breeder of home-reared blue self, blue spotted and silver tabby and Sep 27, 2018 · Ick! These Kittens Need a Flea Bath! (How to tell if a kitten has fleas--and what to do. Color: Black Silver Shaded Owner: Konstantin Kargaltsev Breeder: K Kargalcev. Our cats produce kittens in a range of colours: Silver Shaded, Golden Shaded, Silver Tabby, Blue, Lilac and Cinnamon. Silver Shaded British Shorthair. Our felines are tested Negative for FIV, FeLV, and heartworms. Solid blue and bi-colors. Cats of pure white color, with yellowish tones. Most of our kittens have blue and green eyes. They are mini-teddy bears with a round face, big eyes, and built-in "smile. Their Temperaments are so wonderful and laid back. What Exotic Kittens look like. Feel free to contact us for information, pricing, kitten availability, or to be put on our waiting list. Color: Blue/White Owner: Renae Silver Breeder: Renae Silver. Call or text Lesley with any questions. Temperament. Welcome to our website of the NewChoice Cattery. Big photo gallery, useful cat care tips and FAQ. father Sire: CH BARON COOBRICAT (BRI ns 25) mother Dame: CH CASTELLO ROSSI JULIA (BRI […] We breed British Shorthair cats to improve the breed in conformation, gene pool and personality. I am not a pressure salesperson for I believe choosing a member of the family is a huge decision and a British Shorthair kitten will not just be a "cat" but a true member of the family. To read the behaviour of the British Shorthair click here. See more ideas about British shorthair cats, British shorthair, Cats. " These beautiful cats have both, fabulous temperament and inherent intelligence. British Shorthair kittens that are a joy the minute they get adjusted to your home. Pets cats/kittens sold with altering agreement. The difficulty with tabbypoints is to keep  British Shorthairs may have started out as street cats in the United Kingdom, but with plenty of hard work from breeders all over the world, the British Shorthair  Our Cattery professionaly breeds silver shaded and silver shaded point British Shorthair cats. Registry: TICA - The International Cat Association Category: British Shorthair Breeders Region: Brevard County, Florida Regional Category: Brevard County, Florida British Shorthair Cat Breeders britishsilver-usa You can reserve one beauty purebred white silver shaded British shorthair kitten. It is our big hobby and we give it a lot of love and passion. For more information on availability please contact me. Мои работы Jan 07, 2013 · We are pets lovers,breeders of all breeds of kittens helping you in adopting or buying your pets here in Kuwait and international. All Kittens will be health checked at least twice by our vet and will have had both vaccinations before leaving us from around 13/14 weeks old. Finding a British Shorthair Breeder There are a relatively small number of British Shorthair breeders in the world, and most produce very few kittens each year. I am a small specialist silver breeder and mypetzilla. uk . Every year all cats will be vaccinated and every quarter wormed. ( UP ). Arlene, Garfield the cat's girlfriend, is portrayed as a British Blue in Garfield: The Movie; Mick, from Kamen Rider W, is a British Shorthair who can turn into the Smilodon Dopant. Breeding beautiful British Shorthair cats in Australia . Raised one litter at a time. Black Silver Shaded Mother: Honey Of Brit Elit your breeder of Best British Longhair Of The Year DIN'-DIN'SAZO K & S/WC. American Boutique Teacup Kittens was established in 1989 and upholds an A+ rating with the BBB, specializing in a rainbow of colors and sizes, this luxury cattery focuses on superior family companions. *We have classic silver tabby and spotty kittens available in 2020* There are 4 types of silver tabby British Shorthair: We specialize in breeding classic, blue British Shorthair cats, Lilac,Silver, Golden Shaded and Cinnamon. Silver gene BSH cats/kittens. The emphasis being, excellence to type and temperament. Dec 11, 2018 · The eye color that a British Shorthair has depends on his coat color. Mother: ♀ NatalyLand`s Silver Bijou BRI ns 11. Registered Silver Chinchilla British Shorthair "Athos" has an increadiable pedigree just like Baron with many world Ch. We would be very happy to meet those who share our passion. Mum: https: Screen for HCM and PKD. The best 5-star establishments house people and their golden shaded British shorthair also get the luxury treatment that comes with staying at such an establishment. Our cattery has the most beautiful color points, blue, lilac, Silver Shaded and others. Color: black silver shaded. Grooming needs: Low, British Shorthair clean themselves very well, hair is short but thick and silky, no need to shaded silver girl sold ***** houdini--black/white boy sold to rich & anita ***** omar--black exotic boy sold to rich & anita ***** mokie--brown tabby boy sold to cathy and her playmate is her yorky, callie. If you have or know of anyone that may have one for sale please feel free to contact me and discuss this further. As a breeder of British Shorthairs I take pride in producing healthy kittens with outstanding temperaments. The British Shorthair - Tabby shares its history with other varieties of the British Shorthair. Even newer are British Shorthair cats in cinnamon and its dilute form fawn. "In ancient times cats  British shorthair cat, chocolate smoke cattery MystiCat House. British Shorthair Silver Tabby & spotted kittens. I have 5 female kittens. We live near Preston, our prefix Lourewz is registered with the GCCF and it is derived from our names Lou ise and And rew , we capped the prefix with a Z in honour of our beautiful foundation girls prefix, our Limat z ladies. Boutique British Shorthair breeder specializing in solid cream, solid blue, solid lilac, and silver shaded British Shorthair Cats. I need your deposit to hold one kitty for you. A page to display cats I have bred and own. As Registered and well recognized British Shorthair kitten Breeder, we have been raising British Shorthair kittens since 2015. Champion Purrceptive BigBit, has big round eyes, big round head and nice silver shaded color! And was also TICA's best shaded tortie & white British Shorthair for the 07-08 show season. When I went looking for my Show Cat I was actually looking for a Male Blue in color. com or the Fanciers Breeder Referral List, and ask breeders if they know of a British Shorthair who is in need of a new home. Lilac silver tabby coloured British Shorthair cats. 14:23. 3. 4,494 likes · 75 talking about this. Beautiful Female GCCF Silver Spotted BSH Kitten. American Shorthair Cats are an easy to care for breed of cat. The most familiar color variant is the "British Blue," a solid grey-blue coat, orange eyes, and a medium-sized tail. The purchasing price is 1500$ per a kitten. The skill of the breeder is something to consider when choosing them. We also make papers for your pets when traveling in and out of Kuwait. While some cats get a Silver Tales We are a family cattery based on breeding beautiful and healthy felines. We have extensive experience in breeding and grooming British Shorthair Kittens . Due to their growing demand, most breeders are producing them. Now she lives at Elgees British. Exotic Shorthair Persian Breeder List. See more ideas about British shorthair, British shorthair cats, Cats and kittens. We acquired him and Curie from the same breeder in February, 2018. All our cats live with us at home. Our sister cattery, Minuet Kittens Cattery, breeds Minuet Kittens (formerly Napoleo The Silver Tabby American Shorthair cat – Your next companion. Cattery Anno Domini – breeds british chinchilla/shorthair. Passaic NJ, USA; AngelWispurr Cattery Breeders of British Shorthair in colors of silver shaded, blue, white, and bi-color, and Scottish Fold shorthair and highland in colors of silver tabby, silver shaded, blue tabby. Page 2. 4 months 24 days old british shorthair kitten of black silver shaded color. Read more about this cat breed on our British Shorthair breed information page. The Shorthair Persian - thecatsite. You may filter the photos by selecting any combination of show season, color, and cat’s name or partial name. We have chosen to keep the brother and now are offering the 2 sisters for sale. Meow! Why buy a British Shorthair kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of British Shorthair kittens who need a home. Nottinghamshire* Tel. CFA Exotic Breed Profile - can read about the exotic breed from the Cat Fancier's Association. Welcome to Britz British Shorthair Albany, Western Australia All our bloodlines are from around the world. Britland British Shorthair Young Adults for sale. 01. Mike Goldin 1,009,870 views. Ready to go 11 July. We offer 36 British Shorthair kittens for sale in California. smudge--shaded silver boy sold to steve and sandra . Photogallery of british cat and kitten . All Kalame cats are PKD tested negative. We always pursue a deeper eye colour. Petit élevage de British Shorthair. UKPets found British Shorthair for sale in the UK based on your search criteria. The British Shorthair - Tabby cat shares its temperament with other varieties of the British Shorthair. My Kittens are home reared and have a super temperament, they are registered with GCCF, fully vaccinated and insured before going to their new forever homes. West Germany West Germany Cattery of Mystery’s Dream – Small breed for the lovely Brits in silver, golden an bluegolden and point variants. BRI CY12 LILAC GOLDEN TIPPED (SHADED) Our first love has always been the Black Tipped British Shorthair. All kittens are born and raised in my home, as part of our family. Arizona Blue Clown Town Female Kitten Care Kittens For Sale Lavender Lilac Male Oriental Oriental Shorthair Point Red Tabby Shaded Shorthair Silver Tabby Ticked White Since we have the largest cat breeder directory on the internet with over 3,000 different catteries listed from across the globe, you can be sure to find your perfect kitten from one of the catteries on our site. We Breeder: C Derveaux/G Van De Werf. We are small, house based, British Shorthair Cattery located in Denver, COLORADO, USA. They have no congenital health issues, no special diet requirements and are happy, social pets. Most of our kittens for sale have cream white fur. Colors like blue and green in british silver tabby and golden shaded. Silver tabby, brown tabby, all patched tabby colors, red tabby, cameo tabby, all classic tabby colors with or without white. We raise British Longhair and Shorthair cats (black and seal silver-shaded, Chinchilla with blue eyes). Наши планы. Norman Winder, a senior GCCF and FIFe judge and an experienced and very knowledgeable breeder of British, British Shorthair Tipped/Shaded and Burmese   Welcome to Sasszkats Cattery Thus bringing you and your family wonderful well adjusted British Shorthair kittens that are a joy the minute they get adjusted to  Sasszkats Cattery. They are hardy, intelligent, affectionate and make ideal house cats. Also tabby with silver, then they are called silver tabby. British Shorthair Malaysia. 09. Email field should not be empty Please enter a valid email address. Kittens are being raised in the family home and will be handled daily by myself and children so will be well Dec 13, 2019 · The British Shorthair was the first official cat breed to be shown alongside standard longhaired and shorthaired cat classes. Birthday: October 25, 2016. blue smoke. Only 2 boys remaining. We are located in Chicago, IL. I don't know where to start looking and I don't think anyone breeds silver shaded or goldens in my province. And it’s not surprising, because British shorthair cats have splendid character: they are calm, affectionate, friendly and very sociable. British Shorthair Cats: The Complete Owners Guide to British Shorthair Cats and Kittens Including British Blue, Buying, Daily Care, Personality, Temperament, Health, Diet and Breeders - Kindle edition by Anderson, Colette. Our unregistered female is an active breeder and our registered female will be ready around Spring 2019. We British Shorthair Canada Toronto British Short Hair Cats Toronto Canada, British Shorthair available kittens , Canadian breeders of British. Buy cat, British Shorthair, Kittens. Specializing in the very rare silver classic tabby British Shorthair, Blue Silver classic tabby, and an occasional British Longhair. We specialize in shaded, spotted and classic silver tabby kittens but also have kittens in traditional colors of blue, blue-cream, cream, bi-color and calico of show, breeder and pet quality. Our cattery is registered with TICA. ♀ The female cat BRI ns 11. These type of places was made to create convenience for pet owners when dealing with care and safety of their pets they love so much. 01777 248562 E-Mail vervain@lineone. These British Shorthair kittens located in California come from different cities, including, SANTA MONICA, SAN DIEGO, Sacramento, Los Angelos, LOS ANGELES, LONG BEACH. The British Shorthair is a large cat, so they aren’t typically intimidated by children or toddlers. The solid colours are blue, red, chocolate, black and cream. Best British Shorthair Alter Of The Year DIVINEDESIGN LORD CHESTERFIELD. net At the British National Cat Show in 1879, one entrant was described as "a strangely graduated grey" which suggests it was a Shaded Silver. My Exotic Furs is a small, CFA Registered hobby cattery located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains in North Eastern, PA. On the average, the breed can grow up to 14 inches in height and weigh about 7 to 17 lbs, with the males going upwards 15 to 17 lbs. ;-) Contact Kathy @ (scottishfolds@yahoo. ) A lilac British Shorthair is described as having a pink-grey coat. It’s quite a subtle combination, almost ethereal. To read the history click here. Together with their parents they live with us in our home with plenty of love, care and devotion. Personality: The British shorthair is a very pleasant cat to have as a companion. Four beautiful silver shaded Scottish fold/straight kittens born on April 7 and ready for re-homing by June 7! Mother is a purebred silver shaded British Mother is a purebred silver shaded British Due to their growing demand, most breeders are producing them. First breeder in Canada to have a blue eyed Silver Shaded BS. It becomes much longer and thicker during the winter. I. and Int. We also have silver shaded cats. Winston Churchill (Church) from Pet Sematary is a British Blue. a high fashion cat! British Shorthairs come in many colours, and the silver tabby British Shorthair cat is a very interesting mix of colour genetics. Other Useful Links ICH. Aug 10, 2018 · British cat shorthair Oophen , the best story EVER !! - Duration: 14:23. Stunning silver tabby British Shorthair Kittens available to reserve. british blotched silver and golden cat. We wish you the best luck and happiness forever. The first cat named Chinnie, color which  Purebred British Shorthair Cats and Kittens in SIlver Shaded, Golden Shaded, and Chinchilla Colors. Native to Great Britain , these cats originate from the street cats that roamed the UK having been brought over by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago. Find a british shorthair on Gumtree, the #1 site for Cats & Kittens for Sale Cute and Beautiful Male Silver Shaded /Pointed British shorthair Chinchilla Active  Welcome to Sharad Cattery : - Lorraine and Barry Hillier We are registered breeders with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia Inc. At British Shorthair kittens home,We breed British Shorthair of silver and golden shaded colors with green and blue eyes. Wherever you acquire your British Shorthair, make sure you have a good contract with the seller, shelter or rescue group that spells out responsibilities on both sides. All of the cats and kittens that we raise are a part of our family. Silver Shaded Munchkin. On aperçoit un maquillage, comme si on avait des  Une fourrure colorée à la base. Feline  British Shorthair Cat & British Longhair Cat, Quality Kittens for Sale World Wide British Shorthair & British Longhair cats in the Silver Shaded & Pointed lines,  Pedigree British Shorthair chinchilla kittens with teddy bear looks joyful ,friendly and high quality are available as Pets (for showing, and breeding only for  Golden Neko cattery! The best quality kittens in terms of social collaboration with cattery Coco Palace! British Shorthair Golden Chinchilla Kittens ( BRI ny 12)   Molly was kept as part of my silver tabbypoint breeding programme as she is midway between spotted and shaded. Of course, if you have any questions about our kittens, upcoming litters, shipping or other, we are just a phone call away at (719) 231-5175. All our kittens carry excellent pedigree,many Champions and Grand Champions in their pedigree line. estibri. Elevage British Shorthair, Selkirk Rex et Scottish Fold. We work hard to make sure that we provide top quality pets. She is socialized kitten with well mannered character, beautiful chocolate shaded thick coat and blue eyes. Enjoy. British Shorthair: Silver Shaded Shorthair and Longhair Kittens with Blue Eyes Our Gorgeous and Adorable kittens come with One-year Health Guarantee DNA testing Current Vaccination De-wormed and Vet Health Certificate. His breeder, Elena Baranova has very special cattery, she breeds only Silver Shaded (Chinchilla) British Shorthair and all her cats are just diamonds from different countries. You are welcome. The legs are thick and end in rounded paws. British Shorthair Kittens - British Shorthair Kittens, British Shorthair Kittens, Kittens for Sale, British Shorthair We have British Shorthair Kittens now! Home raised, happy and healthy chinchilla silver shaded kittens. Our kittens are raised in the house with much love and attention. Name: Roni-Britney Silver SunRay. Kittens Sometimes Available. Color: Brown (BLACK) Mackerel Tabby/White Owner: Edward And Priscilla Kohutek Breeder: N Vincent Chavaneau ABOUT US We are Hobby Breeders our love is the British Shorthair Tipped (Shaded) We are a Leukaemia & PKD Negative Cattery Breeding for Health, Type & Quality Our Prefix is Burleaway with the GCCF & TICA In British Glory Cattery we breed beautiful British shorthair kittens of chinchilla silver shaded and golden shaded colors with green and blue eyes Platinum Brits Cattery is an ACFA and CFA registered cattery that has been Veterinary inspected and certified as a Cattery of Distinction. At this time, we also have some adult breeding cats for adoption too . Works with other breeds: Munchkin, Selkirk Rex. Naomi Johnson. Our cattery stands out from others because we British Longhair BLH Born 01. The coat consists of short full hair and can have several colours. Our cattery specializes in British cats in the following colors: - Silver shaded (ns11, ns12) - Silver point (ns 11 33, bs 11 33, ns 21 33 etc. We were then Introduced to the Golden and then the Blue Golden Tipped Although at the time the Blue Golden wasn’t recognised by the GCCF. Jan 06, 2018 · British Shorthair cats for sale from breeders 1. FeLV and FIV negative. British Shorthair Cats Breeder of Black Silver Spotted and Black Silver Tabby All my cats are PKD tested negative. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The British Shorthair cat is a friendly and docile breed. If you do a Google search on "british shorthair silver shaded" you will see a lots of images and links, but all are from Europe. Our kittens are fully vaccinated and they will come with TICA pedigree and Vet certificates. Rudolf An informative insight into the world of pedigreed cats - with breeder search, breed profiles, top cat photos, cat show schedule, health articles Absolutely the best choice for a family pet is a British Shorthair. They are a powerful, muscular cat with a compact cobby body and short legs. Our females will only have 1-2 litters per year. litters are available any time please email us at musarahhim@gmail. Most british shorthairs have yellow to copper eyes but point-coloured BSHs have blue eyes while silver and golden shaded have green eyes. From time to time we have kittens for sale, Britz British Shorthair welcome. Boreal British Shorthairs. Petersburg, Russia : Colors in golden, as golden shaded and shell, golden tabby. The original picture is of a cat named Helia Peppercats, and came from a Russian cat breeder's website. My goal is to BRITISH SHORTHAIR CATS AND BRITISH LONGHAIR CATS KITTENS FOR SALE/ADOPTION SILVER, GOLDEN, AND CHINCHILLA COLORS WITH  We are a small TICA-registered cattery – breeders of British Shorthair Black Silver shaded and Black Golden shaded cats with blue or green eyes. Best British Shorthair Kitten Of The Year SILVERCHARM MANNISH BOY. TICA and FCA registered pedigree. Both silver tabby and silver spotted kittens have gorgeous temperaments. Our babies are well socialized, litter trained, vaccinated, microchipped, very friendly and extremely sweet little chubbys. the breeder of british shorthair cats and british longhair cats of silver shaded, golden shaded, and chinchilla colors with blue and green eyes. European champion bloodline. Upon seeing the Silver Shaded I feel in love and decided that was the cat that I wanted as my constant loving companion. Written contract with written health guarantee. Loving, gentle and extraordinarily trusting. Common pedigree Exotic Shorthair, from lesser-known breeding farms cost from $1200 to $2200. Exotic Shorthair Wiki. Breeder of Silver Pedigree British Shorthair Kittens. Сомали. During the breeding program, crosses were also made with the Russian Blue and the Burmese. Our silver Brits are doing very well and carrying on with PlaidPlus, Elgees, and Inkblotz Catteries. Early Chinchilla ("Self Silver") and Shaded Silver cats were derived from silver tabbies and were less well differentiated than their modern counterparts. The character is September 26, 2016 - 13th BEST KITTEN IN QUEBEC 2015-2016 (CCA/AFC) We are a small, house-based cattery located in Melbourne, Florida, USA. Either a kitten or an older male. Hence, you must learn how to choose the best Golden Shaded British Shorthair Breeders. This popular breed is great for families with kids and/or other pets and perfect for a busy owner as well. This advert is located in and around Caddington, Beds. his mom Silver Shaded British Shorthair. Silver Tabby Cameo Tabby Silver Tabby with White. British Shorthair. Also for new owners of my kittens to keep in touch and share pictures. British shorthair cat, blue smoke cattery Affinity. I am looking for a reputable breeder in Canada and I live in Nova Scotia. He has also perfect head Silver shaded British shorthair cats are as a Teddy bears who have extremely patient and affectionate nature! We give Health and Genetic guaranties and also 2 month Health insurance will be provided. British Blues are stocky, squat and have a square body with a full chest. Gallery of British Shorthair Breed and National Winners Cats are displayed by show season, with the most recent season at the top. We are a small home cattery, who plan few litters each year. 2015 Number RU-0207-30-15-362-LO-BRL Color NS11 Eyes Color – Green CAC The silver tabby British Shorthair cat is a very stylish creature indeed…. Our goal is to continue the pedigree characteristics of modern style, muscular body, short plush coat and well balanced character. What kind of temperament does the British Shorthair have? The British Shorthair is a simple breed through and through, with a friendly, quiet character that makes it perfect for keeping with children and animals. Now listing 40 ads. Size of the British Shorthair. behind him. They will be wormed at least 4 times and will be precautionary SI*SILVERBUTTONS is a TICA and FIFe registered cattery of Beautiful Chinchilla, Silver and Golden Shaded British Shorthair cats. which is a reasonable price range for a lovely and docile kitten. Page 1 of 1 Dec 11, 2018 · The eye color that a British Shorthair has depends on his coat color. pl Tabbtasia British short Hair Breeder of Silver Tabby's. my, Malaysia's largest marketplace. We are a small TICA-registered cattery – breeders of British Shorthair Black Silver shaded and Black Golden shaded cats with blue or green eyes. co. Where to Adopt a British Shorthair. Our cattery is registered in WCF system and we breed British shorthair and British Silver shaded/ticked – cats in this colour looks like young Arctic fox, with  British Glory Cattery - home of beautiful British shorthair kittens of Chinchilla silver shaded and golden shaded colors with green and blue eyes. Fawn, cinnamon, gold, silver, cream, red, white, and black are all colors accepted in standards, whether tabby, colorpoint, bicolor, or shaded. our cattery is located in washington state, usa British Longhair and Shorthair vom Halterner See – We breed (in house) mainly British Longhair in silvertabby, blue, lilac, cream. We thank you for your time and interests to visit our site. One of the Chinchilla, silver shaded kitten with green or silver shaded point- with blue eyes Could be Yours. Purebred British Shorthair Cats and Kittens in SIlver Shaded, Golden Shaded, and Chinchilla Colors Screen for HCM and PKD. But check with your local shelters and rescues before turning to a breeder. com is the best and easiest way to connect you with breeders in your area. Sincerely, The Brigattos Team Britland Cattery is your breeder of British Shorthairs. Aug 06, 2018 · British Fold Shorthair fur is unique: short and thick as a carpet, requiring little care. Father: ♂ ICh Zet Golden Filius Mysterious BRI ny 11. We breed Scottish straights and Scottish Fold, Highland Straight and Highland Fold cats, British and Russian Blue cats. The non-agouti (hypermelanistic) allele is the recessive "a" - as opposed to the dominant, wild-type "A" which codes for the agouti shift phenomenon causing hairs to be B pigmented at the tips and O pigmented at the roots. Britland Cattery is your breeder of British Shorthairs! BLACK SILVER SHADED GIRL. Finding Kittens for Sale has never been easier! KittensForSale. black silver shaded. Below you can find useful links for more details about Exotic Shorthair and Persian cats. 0 LB Hi, I'm a registered breeder from Melbourne and was looking for an active lilac british shorthair male to buy. 03. I'm a breeder of British Shorthairs, from England, and I know plenty about this wonderful breed! The British cat is a cobby build, with short stocky legs, a large head with big round eyes and small ears. You can see our Folds on the Past Males and Past Females pages of our website. Cat breeder of the beautiful British Shorthair Silver & Golden Tipped & Silver Shaded Point 05/04/2018 At last Cellini delivered 5 Silver Tipped babies last night. We breed plush British Shorthair Kittens in a rare Silver Shaded and Chinchilla colors. British Shorthair Cat Breeders in All Regions. TICA - British Shorthair & Longhair. Британские кошки , британские котята в Израиле - фотогалерея. For direct contact whatsapp us for fast inquiry Stunning British Shorthair kittens. Our home cattery was founded in 2010 due to love to The British Shorthair Cats. ICH. Richard has deep emerald eyes color, I never saw before such beautiful eyes. Scottish Fold Munchkin/Scottish Kilt. Phone 03 6267 1140 Mobile 0408 I am a small hobby breeder focusing on breeding beautiful solid blue, lilac and bi-color pedigree British Shorthair cats. Located in Castle Hill - Sydney. From England to the US and Canada, Europe to Australia and New Zealand, the British Shorthair is a well known participant in the shows. Find pets for sale in Malaysia on Mudah. Without cages British Shorthair Black Silver Shaded, Black Golden Shaded and Chinchilla colors. He is of 100% European bloodlines ! Athos is from a well known cattery in Montreal Silver Shaded (79l 75) GCCF & TICA Registered Born: 1st June 2005 Sire: UK & Int GRCH Bedazzle Irvine British Black Tipped 39 Dam: Insiders Olivia of Trueblue (IMP) Selkirk Rex Long-Haired Blue Shaded) Breeder: Lisa D Peterson Jetranger arrived to us to be part of our Selkirk Breeding programme, but after only a few short months and two litters One American Shorthair breeder who saw the potential of the Persian/American Shorthair cross eventually managed to get the Cat Fanciers' Association to recognize them as a new breed in 1966, under the name Exotic Shorthair. Their expressive emerald green eyes, natural black make up, mysterious smile and black palm pads in contrast to the sparkling snow-white fur, makes this breed the most impresive and enchanting among the feline nobility. Melbourne is located in Brevard County. Blue, lilac, chocolate, cinnamon, black, silver shaded, golden shaded, golden classic tabby, silver mackerel and spotted tabby, silver and silver lynx point. Silver. Their expressive emerald green eyes, natural black make up, mysterious smile and black palm pads in contrast to the sparkling snow-white fur, makes this cats the most impresive and enchanting among the feline nobility. We breed two breeds of cats: British Shorthair and Scottish Folds. They will be wormed at least 4 times and will be precautionary The origins of the American Shorthair are said to go back to the transatlantic ships that crisscrossed the ocean from Europe to America in the 19th century. com) Specializing in health and quality Persian and Exotic Shorthair. You already know those could be found in a lot of colors, so talking about each eye color for every coat color is going to take a lot of time. Houston, TX. Happy Buying and Selling! The coat of the British shorthair is thick and dense. Registered with the governing council of the Cat Fancy of Victoria (Australia). British Shorthair kittens. NOLINA CHRISTIAN Sex: male BRI ns 11 33 Date of birth: 07/01/2015 Breed: British shorthair Color: black shaded colour point Christian is very affectionate and sociable cat with excellent pedigree data, plush fur, blue eyes and good character. 7K likes. pm for details. All of our cats are Vetted with appropriate immunizations, FeLV/FIV tested Negative and PKD and PRA Negative by DNA through UC Davis. Welcome to Cheshiresmile Cattery and thanks for your interest to our cats and kittens! Cheshiresmile is a prefix registered with TICA. I live in Brooklyn, New York and share my biggest hobby, - cat breeding with some of my friends. A British Shorthair has a friendly round head, a beautiful structure and a thick tail. I Show/Breed Silver Shaded,Chinchilla, Color Point British Shorthair Cats. CFA - TICA American Shorthair. And if you are set on a particular coat or eye color, and competition-quality be prepared to pay a bit more. British Shorthair cattery STARFALL*LT established in the town Vilnius, Lithuania. We have a litter of British Shorthair kittens WERE ALL PREVIOUSLY RESERVED BUT SILVER TABBY BOY CANCELLED LAST MINUTE SO READY NOW They are being raised 100% in the family home around a cavalier king charles dog. while the females average around 7 to 12 lbs. Temperament These genial British cats are friendly and affectionate, enjoying attention in an undemanding manner. Kitten Lady 4,030,585 views British Shorthair can make great apartment cats, being alert and playful without being hyper or destructive. Our Cattery professionaly breeds silver shaded and silver shaded point British Shorthair cats. Colours with silver, as smoke, shaded and shell (chinchilla). you can take a reservation by 300$ E-transfer deposit or personally in cash. ) - Colourpoint (c 33, c 21 33, b 33, b 21 33, n 33, n 21 33, etc. We are breeding the top quality cats in a very rare colors. Our cattery is TICA-registered and our cats have the origins of the best European Champion bloodlines. With hundreds of breeders to choose from, simply search for the kitten breed of your choice and find kittens for sale today! WesCFA and TICA registered breeder of British Shorthairs. Best British Longhair Kitten Of The Year HOLLIE ANGELS SHELTER. Gender: male Colour: black golden shaded EMS-code: BRI ny 11 Date of birth: 15. British Shorthair - Femelle Black Silver Shaded - #cat #chat #britishshorthair #animal #arthoria #bordeaux #cute #cuteness #love #arthorialovers #british #britishcat #britisharthoria #catlovers #eyes #silver #britishlovers #beautiful #cattery #chatterie #breeder #breeding #elevage #kitten #baby #bebe #chaton #kitty #babycat British Shorthair Cats and Kittens For Sale & Rehome in UK. Color: Black Tortie/White Owner: K Kinowski/D Mapes And M Schuster Breeder: Angela Slobodeniuc. British Shorthair Best known in its blue colour, the British breed now comes in many colours and patterns including Bi-colour and Himalayan, (like the Siamese). Breed: british shorthair. We have available in moment:2 Blue boys3 Blue girlsAll our kittens a Cats are displayed by show season, with the most recent season at the top. British Shorthairs tend to show their loyalty to the entire family rather than select one person with whom to bond. British are also bred in a shaded (tipped) coat pattern, in both the silver and the golden form. NOLINA CHRISTIAN - British shorthair chinchilla Point BRI ns 11 33 Now we have a cat and a cat 3 ns 11 33, the best manufacturers in the world kittens !!! Breeder Already in a New Home ! Our really rare color Silver Chocolate female Jesse!She was born in October 2018. We are hobby breeders of Black Silver Classic Tabby, Black Silver Spotted and Black Silver Smoke British Shorthair. We reserve the right to spay and neuter any kitten not purchased for an approved breeding program - before they leave our Nite Wind is a CFA Selkirk Rex Breed Council member and a CFA Mentor, offering guidance to cat breeder exhibitors. Eye color : Bluer, Grey Silver. Diamond Dream of Muslin Cats Breeder: Yana Brook, Muslin Cats cattery, St. If we do not have kittens we will gladly refer you to a respectable British Shorthair breeder near you. You probably will have to get on a waiting list or British Shorthair. ACFA has an official 'Color Code' book available for sale from Central Office. They are 6 months old and will come microchipped, vaccinated, desexed, etc etc. We can help you with the "how to" questions, such as "how to" name and register a cattery, "how to" on Cat Care with tips on grooming, bathing, and care for your Selkirk Rex, "how to" enter your Selkirk Rex in a cat show, where to find Selkirk Rex information and the CFA Selkirk British Shorthair kittens and cats are easy to care for and they make wonderful and loyal companions. Personality: British Shorthair is calm and easygoing, making them an excellent family companion British Shorthair Canada Toronto British Short Hair Cats Toronto Canada, British Shorthair available kittens , Canadian breeders of British. My cats are spoiled rotten! (Yes, my cell phone is a Utah number, but I live in Georgia) While I am a breeder and I do not have older cats or rescue cats available, I support the operation of rescuing animals in need. Our Purrceptive BigBit is the exemplification of our many years of work on this line. Deposit is included in this price. The British Longhair takes the recipe for the British Shorthair and adds a longer coat resulting in an imposing longhaired cat with all the same characteristics that have made the British Shorthair such a loyal companion. Generally, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $1500 to $2000 for a healthy kitten. British Shorthair silver and golden shaded cats are absolutely stunning cats which impress with their beauty, elegance and luxurious look. Any Differing Description Whether you are looking for a White Persian kitten, Shaded Silver or Chinchilla Persian, the first step towards a Treasured Persian kitten is to apply for a spot on our waiting list. They are so friendly, healthy and soft. At stud to suitable tested queens. British cats and kittens in Israel - photo gallery. Page 1 of 1 Tabbtasia British short Hair Breeder of Silver Tabby's. Results 1 - 10 of 459 Advertise, Sell, Buy and Rehome British Shorthair Cats and Kittens with Pets4homes. We have all of the information you need to know about British Shorthair breeders including website URL, contact information, Facebook page, memberships to associations, and more. Careful selective breeding programs have resulted in numerous champions and grand champions, as well as CFA regional and national winners and distinguished merits. We are a CLOSED cattery. Cat Price: Average $1200 - $2200 USD. Il sera intéressant d'apprendre que si la robe de ce type de chat se présente comme entièrement  Trouver les adresses et toutes les coordonnées des chatteries ou des élevages de chats de race British shorthair proche de chez vous pour acheter votre  Trouver les adresses et toutes les coordonnées des chatteries ou des élevages de chats de race British shorthair proche de chez vous pour acheter votre  Папа - Ch. They’re mellow and will tolerate other pets, and even though they may not seek out snuggles at every opportunity, they’re happy to be scooped up for a good cuddle. My introduction to the purebred British Shorthair came many years later, about 2 years prior to acquiring our first purebred cat (an American Shorthair kitten we named Hannah). These are dealt with in a separate article, but their colours also rely on the Wide Band and Ultra Wide Band genes. Many years ago, I read a magazine article about British Shorthair cats. They love their owners company and will spend as much time in a warm lap as the lap owner allows them to. Silver shaded British Shorthair kittens available Small Cat Breeder -Working with Classic Tabby in a variety of color in American Shorthair. Oct 04, 2015 · Cor Auratum's breeding cats - British Shorthair. The British Shorthair gained championship status from The International Cat Association in June 1979 and today is one of the most popular breeds of cat in the United Kingdom. The ship’s cats were important members of the crew, their job being to hunt down stowaway rats and mice. In 1913, a shaded chinchilla female was accepted for CFA registration as a "Domestic Shorthair", a breed designation that later gave rise to both American and British Shorthairs [3] The first silver shaded ASH competed for championship in 1951. We want to get second cat and my wife just loves this silver shaded one. DGH Xander of British Dynasty Double Grand Champion 2016 Best Black Golden Shaded British Shorthair Of The Year Born 07/27/2014 Color Black Golden Shaded Father - CH FEDOR SILVER RIJK Mother - CH LAVANGI'S ESCAPE/ID FLV, FIV,PKD,HCM - negative,weight-16. As a family-sized cattery based in Houston, they are home to 2 types of British Shorthairs: kittens of silver shaded and golden shaded colors with green and blue eyes. The most important thing is that we breed healthy cats and kittens with the best natural food, care, and attention. When you pick up a British shorthair, you should always support the back end. this very sweet and loving boy is breeder quality. Kittens in van or white colours could have odd eyes (one yellow one blue). shaded torbie and white British Shorthair girl PKD negative by ultrasound at UC Davis . The colors of the fur and eyes of the british shorthair cat. We specialize in Exotic Shorthairs and sometimes Persians. Please contact this breeder using the Inquiry form on the right to learn about pricing, colors, shipping, health guarantees, availability and more! The Internet meme grafics cat [sic] is a golden-shaded British Shorthair. Color Code Book . Secretary, National American Shorthair Club. Sep 19, 2016 · About Us American American Shorthair Shaded Silver males and Silver Ticked Tabby female. We aquired Champion Elgees Sterling Anne Lace, a gorgeous girl who was TICA's best shaded silver British Shorthair for the 06-07 show season. 保護して家族になったかわいい三毛子猫の成長記録 - Duration: 1 Although the British Shorthair is defined by its dense "blue" coat, with a subset of the breed known as the "British Blue," British Shorthairs can also have other coat colors and patterns. World Ch. They easily get on with children and other pets. My name is Marina Boss. Vew the Kings of our breeding program. 3 females and 2 males available. In 2018 we acquired our first male breeder of Golden Chinchilla color and became pioneers in the country in breeding the most beautiful and simply the best cats - chinchillas. The eyes of the British shorthair cat are consistent with the mantle and pattern, the most common being the orange color. 129 likes. For All Breeds which do not have color descriptions in their individual Standards. Born: 5/31/20 will be completely Warminster, Pennsylvania » British Shorthair $1,400: Cor Auratum is a small cattery that breeds beautiful British Shorthair cats in downtown Toronto. Faye Martini Jakson is a breeder of Prestigious British Shorthairs, specialising in Blue, Black, Black & White (Being B Blood Groups), Silver Classic and Silver Spotted (Being A and B Blood Groups). Try Petful’s free adoption search. Our kittens are well socialized, healthy and affectionate. The coat colour has markings of a warm pinkish grey, while the ground colour is a pale silvery lilac. We will have unregistered and registered litters, but all of our cats are pure British Shorthair. British Shorthair - Pure Breed, Chocolate Color Female. british shorthair silver shaded breeder

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